Choosing the Best Mattress Pad

Have you ever thought about how many years have you spent sleeping over your lifetime? It is almost a half your life, so you certainly need to take care of your sleep time, as it is a way to revitalize your body. Nobody likes to wake up with sweat, to be spinning in bed all night, or wake up feeling sick and broken. The best pillow top mattress pad can help you sleep cozily. It is also perfect for softening firm mattresses, cooling hot mattresses, protecting valuable mattresses from accidental damages, and restoring older mattresses. Such a protective mattress topper will come in handy for those with kids, pets, or those who have some health issues related to incontinence. We’ve researched and reviewed the mattresses to help you find your perfect mattress pad – a high-quality, comfortable, soft, breathable, and healthy one.

Extra-Plush Cooling Topper Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt, Queen by ExceptionalSheets

This item is an extremely popular model, despite its quite high price. This very best cooling mattress pad is covered with a top-quilted bamboo fabric blend, silky to the touch and extra-plush, which breathes extra well and helps to counterbalance the possible warmness of some mattresses. On the inside, this unit is constructed from the down alternative Revoloft, which is basically fiber filling that comprises of balls of fiber, which "trap" air to promote keeping the shape of a pad longer and allowing more air flow. This filler material has the feel of authentic goose and duck down with no causing poking or allergies, though. Both filler and 160TC cover with a reliable double needle stitch promote its hypoallergenic feature. The generously filled mattress pad features the unique elastic skirt for fitting mattresses up to 18in deep and providing a great silent protection. This USA made mattress cover also provides a good temperature control, so it can become a good addition to your mattress or its renovation. The manufacturer offers a full money back guarantee to reassure each customer’s satisfaction.

Cooling Waterproof Topper Mattress Pad Protector Cover, King by Coop Home Goods

A very attractive price, great popularity and customer satisfaction are just a few benefits of this very best mattress pad. The proprietary polyurethane backing is, essentially, a waterproof membrane that provides the ultimate protection from damaging or staining. However, this membrane promotes a good airflow and breathable comfort; it is also noiseless, with no plastic sounds. The mattress pad is noiseless, no cheap crinkly plastic sounds. The cover of this mattress protector is a luxurious jacquard textile constructed from a blend of the bamboo- derived viscose and polyester. This special Lulltra blend features the unbeaten cooling properties helping to prevent overheating and sleeping hot. This cover pad is furnished with an expandable mesh band to fit mattresses up to 18in thick. The 260-GSM dense cover protects your mattress from dust mites, bacteria, allergens. This cover is easy to care for, thus, hygienic. This superior quality mattress pad cover comes with an incredible 15-year warranty, so you may be sure that it will keep you comfortable through the night promoting a good night’s rest.

Pillowtop Down Alternative Mattress Topper 8-21, Queen by Balichun

This cloud-like mattress topper successfully combines great product features, an affordable price, and the high consumer demand. As the best pillow top mattress pad, it features breathable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial material, easy to keep it clean and quiet in use. The high-density 300TC cotton top with square pattern jacquard is filled inside with the 49 oz of storm goose down alternative filling and backed with 83GSM polyester reverse lining. The thoughtful construction incorporates also the mitered border and end-to-end box design stitching for preventing fill shifting and flat spots. The 18in deep pocket is made of 130GSM single-track elastic fabric and outfitted with a fully elasticized edge, so it snugly fits the most of deep mattresses to extend their lifetime. This luxury mattress topper can also reduce mold and mildew; it provides a gentle support aligned with unbeatable comfort to you and the ultimate protection to your favorite mattress. This overfilled micro-plush mattress pad comes with full money back warranty.

Pillowtop Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt, Full by ExceptionalSheets

This hotel-style extra plush topper is a bit pricey and yet very popular among customers. It offers you the superior quality and safety being laboratory tested and certified according to the latest safety standards. This unit is constructed with a generous amount of cluster fiber filling, a highly innovative polyester material, which features the comfort of authentic goose and duck down due to special balls of fiber created during an extra engineering process. This fiberfill provides the extraordinary level of comfort, an improved airflow and an extended lifetime of a mattress, however, without the unwanted feathers, poking or allergies. The moisture-resistant 160TC cover is strengthened with double needle box stitch in order to prevent the filler from shifting or moving around. The backing is produced from polyester and cotton blend for optimal balance of comfort and protection. Fitted with the unique elastic skirt, this very best mattress pad creates a snug fit for mattresses up to 18in deep. This soft and silent mattress topper comes with a satisfaction guarantee money back policy.

Overfilled Snow Down Alternative Mattress Pad Cover 8-21 Cooling Mattress Topper, Queen by LEISURE TOWN

This super affordable is popular due to a blend of useful features, including the newest HNN Cooling Technology that efficiently increases the airflow making it more breathable and comfortable, which is very necessary for use with overheated foam mattress topper or foam mattress. This very best cooling mattress pad also features the cloud-like surface with a new shaped quilting seam, more supportive and soft. The 300TC combed cotton cover gives superior comfort against your skin and a certain water resistance due to a specific cover structure and thickness, and yet it is machine washable and easy to care for. Filled with the state-of-the-art snow down fiberfill alternative, this mattress is great for allergic suffers without compromising on softness and comfort. This topper has stretchable fabric sides to fit any queen mattress up to 21in thick. The upgraded thickness of this mattress cover ensures the customer satisfaction, if not – there is a money back guarantee, so this purchase will be risk-free.


The best cooling mattress pad has multiple components of success. The hypoallergenic feature helps to protect your precious mattress against allergens, bacteria, and dust mites by blocking them from getting into your mattress. When considering any particular model, look at the filling material (look at its origin and density measured in GSM – grams per square meter) and the cover fabric (look at its compounds and density measured in TC – thread count). The higher these numbers, the more durable and soft topper will be, to the certain extent, of course. The other essential details include a tight-fitting mattress pad skirt, the reliable stitching, and proven safety. Choosing a right mattress topper to satisfy your personal needs is always a matter of taste, so make your choice based on your personal preferences.

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