Top 5 Best Baby Thermometers

It’s a well-known and accepted fact that most children get ill during their first year, often with no way of telling worried parents that they don't feel too good.

One of the best ways to tell if your little one is ill is by taking their temperature. A baby thermometer should be in your assembly of baby items. If you don't have one, check out our reviews of the best baby thermometers, and invest in one.

1. 1. iProven Baby Thermometer

This thermometer comes with two functions, namely for use in the ear and on the forehead. The thermometer is consistent and reliable, and clinically calibrated to deliver the correct temperature every time.

You will find it easy to use, with just two buttons, one for forehead and the other for the ear. The reading is taken very rapidly and after 1 second the thermometer will beep to let you know it is finished.

A unique feature with this digital thermometer for baby is that it has a fever alarm to let you know when your little one is running a fever. It is easy to read the last 20 readings.

The thermometer does not need time to warm up, so no waiting time before taking the temperature., thus making it one of the best infant thermometers on the market.

2. Zerhunt Baby Digital Thermometer

This digital baby thermometer is highly accurate and equipped with the latest infrared technology. The thermometer will show accuracy to within ±0.2℃ and needs only one second to take a reading.

This is suitable for babies of all ages and you can easily switch between ear and forehead readings with one switch.

On registering that your baby has a fever, the thermometer will start a soft beep as well as displaying a red light to let you know.

The thermometer comes with memory recall of the last twenty readings and is made from an anti-shatter material. For babies of all ages, this is one of the best baby thermometers available.

3. Konquest Medical Digital Thermometer

This is a three-way baby thermometer which can be used for reading temperatures in the ear, on the forehead, and also for objects such as food. This is perfect for ensuring that baby's food is not too hot or too cold. You will also find that you can check the water temperature in baby's bath, making this a very versatile thermometer.

One button operation makes it easy to change your options, with results being displayed on the screen instantly. It is also easy to change from °F to °C.

There is a fever alarm which gives you a red display and 3 short double beeps to let you know your little one is running a fever. With one switch, you can recall the last 20 temperature readings.

4. Dr Kea Baby Thermometer

There is a toggle which will change the thermometer from ear, forehead, and room options. The result appears within a second on the clear screen.

The thermometer can also be used in the armpit, so no need to wake baby when you want to take a temperature reading.

It is easy to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, in fact it can be done with one finger on the button.

This baby thermometer will show you a fever by a change of colour on the screen, so no beeps to disturb a feverish baby.

This thermometer is highly recommended by Paediatricians because of the accuracy and reliability, making it one of the best infant thermometers you can buy.

5. Metene Digital Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

This thermometer has a microchip which is highly sensitive and can take a reading with no contact at all. It will read the temperature on your baby, as well as being able to tell the temperature in the room. The reading will show up in a second on the clear screen.

Not only is the thermometer amazingly light, it also comes in a variety of colours. There are no beeps to indicate fevers, rather a red light to indicate a high temperature.

The thermometer comes with an LED display which you can clearly read even in a dark room, so no need to disturb a sleeping baby.

The thermometer is made of hospital grade material and thoroughly tested for reliability and accuracy, making this one of the best digital thermometers for your baby.


Having a baby is a great responsibility. Having an ill baby is very worrying, to say the least. A good quality thermometer will set your mind at rest. Our reviews are perfect for babies of all ages. You will find that this item becomes an essential part of your baby equipment.

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