How To Choose The Best Pregnancy Test For Early Detection?

With such a huge variety of pregnancy test available, most of them are very accurate, and they all work on a very similar principle. A sensitivity of the test is what makes a great pregnancy test different from the one that has bad accuracy rating. These tests use woman’s urine to determine if the woman is carrying a baby or not. The tests will show if a woman has a particular number of a specific hormone that is created during pregnancy called hCG. Some tests will be able to tell if a woman is pregnant six days before some less accurate ones. We are here to help you make a choice for the best early pregnancy test before a missed period. This is our list!

First Result Pregnancy Test

This is definitely the best pregnancy test for early detection. It is the only product on the market that is able to tell if a woman is pregnant six days before a period is missed. Usage is very simple, a woman has to urinate on it and in under three minutes the test will show up the results. One line means she is not pregnant, two lines means she is. It has extremely low levels of sensitivity and it is the most accurate test you can find.

ClearBlue Pregnancy Test

This pregnancy test has a digital display which makes it very easy to read the results. The great thing is that you get three pregnancy tests in one box and you can do the tests more than once with a single buy! This test is not as sensitive as our number one pick, but it is pretty accurate. After the first day of a missed period, these tests show an accuracy of 80%. The usage is very simple, just urinate on the test and wait for the results to be shown on the digital display. The test has shown great results and is one of the best pregnancy tests for early detection you can get on the market.

Wondfo Strips

Unlike our previous picks, these are strips with a great accuracy. They usually come in a pack of 25, but you can also find packs with 50 strips in it. If you want the best pregnancy test for early detection, this is a right choice for you. The usage is a little bit different from our previous picks. You urinate on the strip and put it in a cup. After three minutes, lay it on a flat surface and wait for five minutes for the results. If the test is showing two lines, that means that the test is positive, if you can only see one line that means that the test is negative.

PREGMATE OneStep Strips

With a very low sensitivity levels, OneStep strip is the best pregnancy test before a missed period you can find on the market. It is known that these tests were able to predict the pregnancy six days before a missed period, and they are really well reviewed. They come 20 in a pack, but the price is a bit high. The tests are FDA approved and they have 99% accuracy.

NewChoice Tests

Manufacturer states that these tests are FDA approved. It is also stated that these tests have a 99% accuracy, but they are the third most sensitive on the market, and fifth on our list for the best pregnancy test before a missed period. With one order, you will get three boxes with each containing one test. The price is very acceptable, which makes it a plus!

When picking the right pregnancy test for you, make sure that the test is approved by a professional. Most tests will be the most accurate two days after a missed period, but you can find some that predict pregnancy. We recommend using tests we have on our list since they are very sensitive and accurate.

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