Best 5 Baby Strollers With Car Seat

Parenting is one of those things that come with a lot of responsibilities. Moving from one place to another with an infant can be very hectic. It becomes even more difficult when you are alone and you need to handle the groceries or even drive.

Strollers and car seats gives parenting a beautiful new façade and you don’t need to worry of driving from one place to the other with the baby. The current strollers with car seats are important as they bring a lot of ease. Whether you are strolling or driving with the baby you don’t need to worry as your needs are taken care of

SAFETY 1st smooth ride travel system

Safety 1st is one of the best stroller with car seat because of the unique features it has. It easy to set up and wouldn’t take a lot of your is also easy to fold up and carry because of its light weigh Both the car seat and the stroller are very comfortable, and with the infant seat measuring 18” it is large enough for the little one to use for quite some time.

Safety 1st also has a parent basket where the parent or care giver can put the baby’s things and the car seat features a parent tray which has 2 cup holders place for your keys. This features makes safety 1st one of the best stroller with a car seat.

Cosco Lift and stroll travel system

Making great strides in the best baby stroller with car seat is Cosco. The stroller is easy to set up and the car seat attaches firmly making it very safe for the baby. It is also very easy to detach and fold up when not in use. Its size also makes it very easy to put in and out of the car.

It features a side impact protection ensuring your baby is safe from any harm. The stroller has an adjustable canopy, a parent tray with cup holders and storage and a large basket for the little ones items

Cosco is also rated as one of the best stroller with a car seat because it is very beautifully made with nice animal designs and you can choose from your most favourite.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

This is by far one of the best stroller with a car seat in the market today. Assembling it is so easy and can be done within a very short time. Both the car seat and the stroller feature a wide canopy that protects the baby from effect of the weather.

It is light weight and the car seat can be used to carry the baby around comfortably. The stroller features a large storage area for the baby’s items and also a parent’s tray. The car seat also has the baby’s cup holder which can be easily fixed and removed.

The car seat can be placed on the car seat in multiple positions and because of its lightweight it is easily folded and kept in very small storage.

Baby trend EZ ride 5 travel systems

Imagine the relief that comes with the knowledge that you can go jogging with your little one and they’ll be safe. Baby trend EZ ride is one of the best stroller with car seat because it brings that freedom. It is safe and sturdy and also the car seat is very sturdy and doesn’t move no matter the impact.

It comes in vibrant colours and the cover on the stroller and the car seat have a vinyl like texture this ensures that it is very easy to is easy to set it up and storing it away is equally easy. The seat is comfortable and can recline to different positions.

Graco literider click connect travel system

One of the market leaders and highly rated as one of the best strollers with car seat. It is easy to assemble and also the car seat easily but firmly snaps into place when put on the stroller. The seat comfortably reclines to different positions and is comfortable for a snooze when reclined.

The car seat has a big handle for carrying it. Both the car seat and the stroller feature big canopies which protects the baby from the elements.


Strollers and car seats are very important in the day to day lives of children and their care givers. Apart from the ease they bring they are also a big security measure especially when driving with a baby in the car.

The fact that one can still be able to do their daily activities like going shopping with the baby, jogging with the baby, or even eating out while the baby safely stays next to you shows how important baby stroller with car seat have become

The list above has the best baby stroller with car seat, which will ensure you move from one place to another in comfort and with style

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