We’re gonna start with baby milestones this time, everyone follows them; everyone needs to. Babies need a headstart both physically and mentally, there adventures should not merely be limited to that Sandbox, with blocks and carts. Kids have got all sorts of options these days from Climbers, Swings to Jumpers, Bouncers and Crawlers, exercise is more fun for them than it is for any of us. Baby Milestones include gentle exercise and physical liberation from the age of about 4 months to anything till 3-5 years. Their very development in later stages of growth depends upon it.

Jumpers in such cases are very important instruments for acquainting the children with a sense of elevation, inclination and balance. In primitive times we used to have wooden axe based jumpers which were neither too reliable nor too comfortable. When Latex was introduced for usage in Jumper material, it was then the babies started to enjoy these things. Everybody even the kids like to have cushion below their bums and strength in their legs. But they don’t get along well with every other jumper, they need the one they’re comfortable with the most.

Fisher Price® Rainforest
16.1 pounds
37 x 32 x 32 inches
4.8 Star Rating
Neighbourhood Friends Jumper
19.18 pounds
30.5 x 33 x 29 inches
4.3 Star Rating
Graco Bumper Jumper
3.5 pounds
17.5 x 69.5 x 17 inches
4.5 Star Rating
ExerSaucer Jumper by Evenflo
21.5 pounds
10 x 23.5 x 29 inches
4.3 Star Rating
Jolly Jumper Stand for Rockers
11.3 pounds
38 x 21 x 2.8 inches
4.4 Star Rating
PeekABoo Activity Jumper
12.83 pounds
31 x 27 x 34 inches
4.6 Star Rating
Summer Infant Pop N' Jump
9.85 pounds
26 x 26 x 38 inches
4.7 Star Rating
Baby Woodland Activity Center
15.5 pounds
28 x 25 x 36 inches
5 Star Rating
Bounce-a-Round Activity Center
15.2 pounds
28.5 x 30 x 32 inches
4.3 Star Rating

Swing or Jump or Both: Kinds of Baby Jumpers

The Doorway Jumpers

The best thing about a Doorway Jumper is that it helps your Baby to release a good amount of energy. Doorway Jumpers are not supported by any Lateral Bars, so if your young one has started to crawl well enough and anytime would start walking on her own, you’ll be aiding her well before time. Doorway Jumpers generally do not come with, dangling bells and cartoon cutouts. And if your bub is truly up for the highest and most enjoyable jumps, Doorway Jumpers are the best ones to about. They obviously need to be checked for the Door Clamp Security and Height Adjusting capability but they sure are more amusing than any other variants.

Stand Jumpers

These are just like Door Jumpers with an exception of being supported with a tripod stand or quadpod base. Very safe, non distracting and supportive of the child’s capability. They’re bulkier to navigate around the house, very stable to just leave your bub in place and be gone with your chores till you come back to find him in the best moods of all time. Stand Jumpers earlier didn’t use to come with music or any attachments for the indulgence of your young one, but now they come with theme music, coloured and printed toys, cushion seats and adjustable swaying options as well.

Stationary Activity Centers

These are the best ones that you may come across, in terms of giving your Child a 360° entertainment station. They have a pivotal stand that supports a rotational seat with assisted music, cushion based arm rests, jumping seats and music. The whole setup aptly named is a Centre of Activity for the Child, movable and portable around the house with utmost ease. The Kids might get tired with this one but the setup won’t stop to amaze them. We’ll further try to tell you which one should you actually buy to have your kid enjoy the best.

You need to understand the underlying fact here that Jumpers are not only tools for Child’s Pay but indeed they are a retreat for you as well from the constant nagging and ranting that your little devils subject you to. Take a deep breathe and relax in your couch while they make some of the best Kodak Moments for your albums and Facebook Covers in those jumpers. Jumpers are two shots of fun for the cost of one.

Know your Jumper Brands: the ones Kids love.

  • Fisher price

Larry Biovana knows what he has been doing all this while with a variety of Consumer Goods. Baby Jumpers are just another variant of what Fisher Price offers. Years of experience and a solid trust of over 50,000 families Fisher Price has been the industry leader for almost 10 years. The manufacturing and packaging quality is the winner for this industry giant. They have been the most innovative in some sections of the business where others have been only creative.

  • Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein is a sister concern of a series of Baby Products Organization called Kids II. Its other mates include Bright Stars and Disney Baby both of which provide for Soft toys and Baby Games Products respectively. Baby Einstein gives the best of what creativity can offer. With the Soft Toy and dangling objects of Kids II owned making, the kids are sure to remain amused for a long time before they realize they haven’t screamed for anything in an hour or so.

  • Jolly Jumper

Jolly Jumper did to Toddler Exercise what Kellog’s did to the god old Breakfast Cereal. It added gravitas to the simple object. Jolly Jumper when formulated its first Jumper put its sole focus on one thing, the ergonomics of the child movements and the ease of motion supporting only one purpose; that of Exercise. The assembly parts, the adjustable components, the material for seat and various supports along with the design and transfer of motion technology; Jolly Jumper changes the way you look at jumpers. It makes you consider them as your kids’ own private gym while you they and you both sweat it out enjoyably listening to some Ed Sheeran.

  • Evenflo

If comfort and cushion quality is something that you’re very concerned about; also if your bubba has got a sensitive nose to soft toy or any baby product material, you must have heard of Evenflo. Why Not? You baby carrier, car seats, and high chairs must be of the same brand. Evenflo has been a trusted name in providing Toddler Travel and Care Solutions for last 85 years at the least. Prior to that it was always active in providing kids’ nursing equipment; the expertise in which has been appropriately replicated in making Jumpers more hygienic. Jumpers being Hygienic is something that you must not have heard of but trust us, you need to be a whole lot careful with Baby Products when it comes to their Health.

Pick one from the best ones: Top Baby Jumpers

The Top 5: Best Baby Jumpers in USA

Now that you know which brands help your toddlers to work those abs and quads of his younger self, lets pin-point the ones which are the most feature rich and functional in the categories. The actual products from these brands that hold trust value of over 60 different focus groups, with 120 different families both demographically and economically, whom we consulted for formulating this list. Look for the pointers of adjustability, ergonomics, added features, durability, washability and storage when you go through these products. Although we’ve reduced the load for you by selected the best-suited ones but choose wisely.

Fisher Price® Rainforest™ Jumperoo™


Jumperoo is your perfect Stationary Activity Jumper which has a 360°rotatable seat, provided by Personal Music station for your little baby. The Seat Height is adjustable in three different modes and a good thing about this one because only the best ones provide for such adjustments. The most innovative thing about a Jumperoo by Fisher Price Jumper is that it has a motion sensor. Incentivization is the one thing that helps in physical development of the Toddler in the best possible way. This motion sensor rewards your kid with music and sounds every time they make a perfect jump. Fisher Price being a good market player, knows the common worries of a mother and thus has got the seat and cushion that’s removable and washable. The perfect wholesome experience for the Best Baby Jumper.

Baby Einstein: Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper™


This Stand Baby Jumper is a mixture of Stand Jumper and Stationary Activity Jumper. Baby Einstein is a result of long years of experience in making baby products in both gaming and baby care. The Baby Einstein Jumper has 5 height adjustment levels, so that your Jumper grows with your baby. It is not only an enjoyable ride for the kid but also an educational treat. The Jumper has three voice settings, one of which is a trilingual alphabet and sound setting; giving your young one a first hand experience of vocal wonders at a very young age. Baby Einstein even has game modes, drum bell mirror and frog bead chaser. Baby Einstein by Kids II is not only a jumper, it’s a learning experience.

Graco Bumper Jumper®


Graco is the marvel from the good city of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia, which gave us the first Stand Jumpers in the USA back in 1875. Still Graco is now, famous for its Doorway Jumper, the Bumper Jumper®. This is perhaps the only doorway jumper that features in the best league among any and all available in the market. The straps unlike any other doorway jumper are supported by hardened plastic dome, so they don’t get tangled around the baby causing any mishap. The cables hold additional space for strap on toys which keep the child indulged. The Soft Clamp is spring loaded and thus it keeps the your child safe even if it tries to jolt the jumper with its all energy (we obviously know, once they get a hang of it, no one can stop them before they reach the freaking ceiling). There’s also a hidden safety cable to dampen the load of child’s movements and jumps. It’s very functional, non-disturbing and a perfect piece of exercise equipment if your kiddo is grown enough to stand well and feel the inclination on its own. Comes very economic, easily mountable and storable when not being used and hassle free in terms of maintenance. Just strap on and watch your child make the best out of on his own.

ExerSaucer™ Jungle Quest Stationary Jumper by Evenflo: Jump & Learn


ExerSaucer™ by Evenflo went a step ahead in providing ease to the motion and sensory liberation of toddlers, by introducing sway and rocking motion assistance in the Stationary Activity Centre Jumper.There’s a unique Balance base down below its padded seat which provides extreme stabilization in terms of Core Strength and Coordination when it comes to slowing down during jumps and finding the ground. The Music in sync with movements and interaction of the child with the toys on the pod plays in 3 different genres. Besides this Evenflo Stationary jumper has a Gooseneck Extension with mounts for related toys. These make your child aim for reaching them based on the adjustments you make to the flexible gooseneck. Works wonders for their motor sensory development especially their height. Aimed at providing your child indulgence along with the perfect exercise Evenflo ExerSaucer is a good choice for a Trusted Baby Jumper.

Jolly Jumper® Stand for Rockers


The original Jumper established in 1948 that won the hearts of parents around the West Coast and then all over the country. This one was scientifically designed to support the Baby’s spine in any posture most accurately. The Tri-side hold of the Baby Saddle keeps the baby upright and in most upright posture at all times. The Baby Pouch is shaped and designed in such a way that supports the conclusive exercise of Spine, Neck and Thighs in the best way. The best suggested product by pediatricians and child technicians for babies who’re yet to walk or have just learnt to walk. Any baby from 3 months to a year can enjoy this pleasurable ride. It may be incorporated with customizable options for the child’s entertainment but Jolly Jumper doesn’t loads it up on you. They have this Jolly Musical Play Mat that can be added to the child’s pleasure everytime they land on it successfully ending a jump. Also the Scientific Interchangeability comes with industry grade customisable options, which means throughout the growth of your child, you can just keep changing the stands for customizing the height of the device (that is if you run out of height adjustability options on the stand that comes with the pack) and keep the show on till you child wants to enjoy the jumper. For a more sophisticated and simple exercise purpose Jolly Jumper is the one Jumper that has been trusted for generations of families.

Some Honorable mentions which didn’t make to the top 5 picks of ours. Them not being mentioned in our list is not a pointer of their failure, you can visit these options as well; it’s just that the Top 5 outsmarted them somehow.

  • Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round Activity Center

  • Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo Activity Jumper

  • Summer Infant Pop N' Jump Portable Activity Center

  • Creative Baby Woodland Activity Center

The Buying Guide: Factors to Decide

We don’t deny, Baby Jumpers have not been very famous sometimes, among the overly conscious fraternity of parents misguided by Physicians who look for suggesting specific alternates. But informed and careful parents are the ones who understand the necessity of early physical liberation and cognitive confluence of motor sensory coordination in young ones. Mind it, that we say informed parents because cautious parents without putting in the research sometimes deprive children of auxiliary necessities (WHO, Early Age Development Guide 2015-16, Association with InBrief Research Harvard).

Thus we need to look for following factors when making this informed decision:-

  1. Height Adjustability

    Most often it happens that Jumpers bought from Hardware Store or Megamarts turn out to have limited or no seat adjustability. You wouldn’t realise the problem it causes for a few days while your child would showcase denial to the product (because you’d consider it as hesitation to try new object), while it might be harming the kid.

  2. Door Clamp Material

    For Doorway Jumpers, the Clamps have to be Spring Loaded or something better than that. The minimum weight compatibility for a  month old getting on any such Jumpers should be not less than 12Kg or 26.45 lbs. They have to Soft clamps so that they may adjust well to the material of the door frames and not loosen. The Material if possible should be vibration dampening and it would be best if an emergency cable comes installed with the whole assembly.

  3. Ad-Ons

    Fun’s never compromisable. The Jumper should always support, strap on or clamps for personalized toys. It’s best if there’s a dashboard for keeping toys. Besides distant or heightened toys and dangling objects make your child aim for them thereby stretching well enough for exercise. The Music features, Educational Content, Landing Assets and Control adjustments are also some common adons.

  4. Saddle material

    Latex had been the innovation of its time for Jumper Saddles but nowadays, with scent treated and polymer mesh, Bamboo derived blend or Cotton Polly Mix provide the variety based on the comfort of the child. Not all of them specifically flaunt any specialization in terms of Saddle material but this is something that we consider is very important given that there have been cases of Skin Rashes and Allergies caused due to excessive sweating or dust capturization. You can also look for washable saddle pads as well in this case.

  5. Also look for

    • Foldable Make for Easy Storage

    • Upkeep instructions

    • Moving Parts of the assembly

    • Strap/Cable/Cord Strength

    • Warranty and Precautions for usage

C’mon get one for your Kid: Before Time Jumps away

Baby Jumpers not only help the kid to keep indulged, or for that matter some relief to you from the parental rounds of 24x7 care; they’re mandatory tools of physical development. Swayers and Crawlers help in developing habit but not muscle, Jumpers are one baby care product which work on the inside so that the baby becomes strong on the outside. Besides the Jumping is not only a pleasure for the doer but for the onlooker as well. Creating the perfect camera moments and cute videos, Jumpers help in bringing out the best in your Loved Little ones. Babies always need the best of the little aspects for their growth, its the emphasis that we put at their young age which dwells into a profound result in later life. Help them to make those leap of faiths and jump as high as they can, may their might raise high as heavens and their smile reach as far as the zenith.